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US: Software Development Engineer

Date: _15-Jan-2013_
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Software Development Engineer (C#, ASP.NET, T-SQL)

Purpose: Create and maintain cutting edge software products for investment professionals that that enable them to transform the precision and efficiency of their back office operations including, trading, CRM and reporting and ensure our products achieve quality in terms of reliability, security, performance, stability, scalability, availability, and result accuracy. Responsibilities:

* Lead feature teams, own projects and feature areas. * Work effectively with management and team members to clarify needs and plan delivery of major product changes, future versions, and new products. * Accurately estimate development time. * Provide responsive support to escalated customer issues. * Ensure adequate testing of all product releases.

* Continually grow skills that enhance your technical expertise and general organizational contribution. * Demonstrated ability to successfully complete challenging software projects. * Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent field experience. * 6+ years current software development experience. * Strong web development skills using the .NET platform. * Proficient C# programming skills. * Strong expertise in TSQL and stored procedures. * Solid grasp of Client/Server fundamentals and Browser/Server interaction and IIS. * Familiarity with other tools, such as XML, JavaScript, and .NET Framework.

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