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US-WA-Seattle: Java Software Development Engineer

Date: _30-Jan-2013_
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Java Software Development Engineer

* Participate in design and code review process; Interact with test engineers to identify and fix defects * Write documentation on technical architecture/features

* B.A./B.S. degree * 3+ years experience developing Java server applications * Strong understanding of the challenges involved in building high performance and scalable web service applications dealing with millions of users and terabytes of data * Demonstrated experience designing optimal relational models for data exposed through web-services * Exceptional software skills, specifically with Java, Tomcat and Linux, and RDBMS

* Good Object Oriented design skills, Strong knowledge of software design patterns * Good understanding of SOA principles and the ability to apply these to application and system designs * Deep knowledge of the Java programming language and high proficiency using Java to solve large programming tasks * Experience in writing resilient java applications for large datasets and high transaction rates * Knowledge and experience working with the Tomcat application server * Strong understanding of Web application frameworks, preferably Spring * Good knowledge of Linux operating systems and experience deploying Tomcat and java applications for that platform. * Strong understanding of RDBMS and SQL * Experience using Hibernate as a DAL * Good knowledge of Http, ReST interfaces and these XML technologies: SOAP, XSD, DTD, XSL, XQuery * Good understanding of the maven build system and the ability to write, debug, maintain and extend project poms

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