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US-: Algorithms Engineer - Software Developer

Date: _28-Feb-2013_
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Algorithms Engineer - Software Development-18832

* Implement ad targeting models that use advanced statistical and machine learning techniques.

* Build and deploy real-time online ad bidding system that leverages these models and algorithms. * Collaborate with product management and engineering groups for new product features/ enhancements.

* MS in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Math or related fields is required. * Command of C/C++, Python, R and Unix/Linux . * Must have solid understanding of statistical modeling/machine learning/ data mining concepts . * Strong analytical quantitative and problem solving ability. * Experience with formulating, building and deploying reliable algorithms-based ad optimization systems that work at scale is a plus. * A solid understanding of Hadoop, Hive and MapReduce is desirable. * Knowledge of databases and their structure (Oracle, Postgres, MySQL). * Excellent communication and relationship skills and a strong team player

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