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US: Software Engineer

Date: _12-Mar-2013_
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Software Engineer

* Work with teams as well as alone on development projects as assigned as they pertain to the Master Data Management solution family. * Design and develop product capabilities based on stories, industry specification, or refactoring of existing capabilities * Work on maintenance issues and projects to help maintain overall product quality * Incorporate quality into all aspects of the product development lifecycle. This includes considerations for automated unit test coverage and continuous integration

* Pro-actively identify ways to improve the products and our processes, and help make them the best * Although there will be some supervision with this position, you will be expected to demonstrate the ability to work independently to overcome even the most complex challenges

* Object-Oriented Analysis and Design * Experience with data modeling and data architecture * Proficient in Java development (prior work/project experience a plus), with experience developing in JEE * Strong SQL, Database management skills * Experience developing with Eclipse RPC/RAP, Swing and/or other Java GUI frameworks. Includes knowledge of user-experience programming and methodologies * B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering

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