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US: Web Application Developer

Date: _03-Apr-2013_
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Web Application Developer

* Design and develop database-driven web applications * Proactively monitor and perform preventative maintenance for applications. Implement and document technical solutions * Communicate with the customer to accurately derive application requirements and conduct periodic application reviews * Manage the configuration of each web environment. * Ensure cross-browser compatibility and adherence to federal accessibility guidelines * Assist with mobile application development

* Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field * 2+ years experience of application development preferred * Thorough knowledge of ASP, ASP.NET (C#/VB), MS SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS * Strong experience designing relational databases using Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 * Experience developing web applications using the Dreamweaver and/or Visual Studio 2010 integrated development environment * Mobile application development experience a plus * Effective communication style with internal team members and customers * Ability to multi-task on concurrent projects and support activities * Ability to estimate development effort and deliver applications to timescales * Knowledge of, experience creating web services * Experience using graphic/interactive design tools such as Photoshop, Fireworks

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