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US: SENIOR game security Software engineer

Date: _03-Apr-2013_
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SENIOR game security Software engineer

* Implements client and server side cheat detection and prevention systems in C/C++ * Investigates cheats and exploits in Trion games * Identifies possible pitfalls and provides practical and innovative alternatives or solutions * Evangelizes new technology; drives implementation of new techniques

* 5+ years of relevant experience * Fluent in C/C++ * Exceptional problem-solving and troubleshooting skills * Ability to implement simple solutions to complex problems * Knowledge of network and server security issues * Knowledge of Windows operating system internals * Able to reverse engineer software * Able to implement simple cheat programs * Ability to complete assigned tasks in a timely fashion * Excellent written and verbal communication skills * Bachelor's (BS) degree from an accredited 4-year college or university or equivalent industry experience.

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