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France-Puteaux: Software Engineers in C language

Date: _10-Apr-2013_
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Software Engineers in C language

* Carries out coding, debugging, and testing of software * May contribute to technical specifications * Provides estimates of workload required to complete specified tasks and plans work accordingly * Carries out development tasks according to project plan * Checks the quality of his/her production through systematic unit testing * Participates in final qualification of deliverables, including the validation of documentation * Analyzes and corrects assigned defects

* Programming language: C * Operating system: Unix, Linux, Windows * Development and build tools (makefile, ), * Debugging and profiling tools (valgrind, ) * Development methodology * Autonomous in Solutions functional and technical specifications * You are Fluent or native in English

* Masters degree in IT in the European LMD scale (or equivalent work experience) * Minimum 1 year of experience in Software development * You are self motivated, you take initiative and you are innovative * You are a good communicator, like to work in a team and have customer service skills

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