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US-CA-Westlake: Perl Software Engineer, Senior

Date: _24-Apr-2013_
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Perl Software Engineer, Senior

You’ll be someone other developers and your peers can look up to as you develop new products or enhance features of software applications that power any one of our many systems: ad serving, behavioral targeting, real-time bidding and account management portals. You’ll either be a part of - or will lead - a 5 to 6 person SCRUM team, all based on your level of initiative and ability to contribute. We need you to be involved in all phases of the development cycle: design, programming, testing at the unit and system level, debugging and internal documentation. Our Agile process enables us to have a very short feedback loop with our product owners, so when you’re not coding, you’re working with our product managers to get things just right.

: • Perl, mod_perl, Object-oriented Perl • Linux including Apache web server • Databases such as Oracle or MySql • Distributed database computing with an emphasis in Java • HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript and similar technologies • Agile development process (2 week sprints, daily standups, software that actually works and is released while it's still relevant)

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