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US-CA-Culver: Software Engineer, Front End

Date: _21-May-2013_
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Software Engineer, Front End

* Hands-on development and support of front end engineering solutions which deliver outstanding and highly-performing user experience. * HTML5, CSS, Javascript and Java &/or C/C++. (software + systems engineering) * Front end code base, development process and standards, demand, capacity and delivery quality. * Responsive interface design and dynamic typography. * Continuous improvements in performance, scalability, reliability and usability. * Cross browser compatibility, mobile sites (iOS, Blackberry, Tablets, etc.)

* 3+ years of developing and delivering customer facing web, mobile or console experiences. * Bachelors degree in computer science or related field. * A passion to work with consumer facing technologies. * Strong software engineering fundamentals (unit testing, automated testing, agile development, etc.) * Strong command of essential front end web technologies and libraries. * Working knowledge of Git, jQuery, Node.JS and other server side technologies * Working knowledge of Linux, SQL/mySQL (Bash is a plus). * Some experience with additional languages such as Python or Ruby or Perl or PHP or Drupal.

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