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US-OH-Toronto: Senior Java Developer

Date: _02-Jul-2013_
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Senior Java Developer

* Define, design, and implement complex, multi-tier distributed software applications. * Segment and design system layers to support component and layered application development, including user interface, business functionality, and database access. * Work with your development lead, other developers, product managers, QA, and operation teams to develop solutions that meet the business' product requirements and deliver good performance, scalability, and reliability. * Estimate your development efforts, plan implementations, and rollout system changes. * Meet realistic implementation schedules and adhere to development goals and principles. * Share release management duties during feature rollouts and share on-call responsibilities. * Develop industry and product technical expertise.

* BS/BA in CS or related field. * 6+ years experience in requirements analysis, design, coding and unit testing of scalable, distributed, fault-tolerant applications for the internet. * Significant experience with OOD, transactional services, concurrent programming, asynchronous and event driven systems along with web application development. * Strong core Java * Significant experience with Spring Framework in projects that need to scale. * A passion for elegant architecture, data modeling, problem solving and dealing with scaling issues. * Extensive experience with Hibernate or JPA and MySQL. * Experience with continuous integration and automated testing of service layers. * Thirst for exploring leading edge technologies. * Prioritize tasks and deliver according to estimates. * Be able to have fun! * Prefer experience with Apache, Tomcat, ActiveMQ, SOLR, MySQL, Linux/Unix, Spring core & MVC, Hibernate or JPA, REST, AJAX, XML, JSON, JQuery and some Java EE

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