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US: Technical Manager C#/Microsoft

Date: _19-Jul-2013_
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TTechnical Manager C#/Microsoft

Attends daily stand up meetings and is accountable for technical advancement of project

Researches and promotes software development best practices and guidelines for automation of software testing, builds, and deployment

Demonstrate ability to manage multiple priorities while maintaining focus on all work

System Architecture

Provides code level design on corporate projects

Reviews and provides feedback on project architecture approach document

Perform and support testing of corporate products

Provides input for a risk based test strategy within and across products

Provides capacity planning considerations for products

Technical Strategy

Reviews and provides feedback

Monitors review findings across the Core Project Team for trends, reviews effectiveness, and modifies process or checklist/task list changes as needed

Takes the lead in defining and communicating software development best practices, coding standards, and departmental Code Review guidelines

Ensures Quality of Product Software Code via Software Engineering and Testing Practices

Collaborates with test and others technical leads to automate unit, integration, functional, and acceptance tests for subsequent regression testing of product builds as guided by the testing strategy for each project

Collaborates with test and technical leads to conduct requirement and test reviews to ensure testing coverage for code for their project teams

Identifies strategies to optimize performance-testing of corporate products

Leads in troubleshooting, risk identification, environmental control, and proposes approaches for mitigating risk

Ensures Quality of Product Software Code via Impact Analysis, Design, Code, and Test Review Practices

Develops best practices for code reviews of NPS products

Leads code-reviews with Developers and Testers, makes recommendations for changes to code or design (clarity, optimization, adherence to coding standards)

Follow-up with Developers to ensure proper changes made in response to reviews

Provides sound technical solutions to project team

Makes recommendations for maintenance of products including adding in details in product use cases and requirements

Makes recommendations to enhance derivation, documentation of use cases and requirements for NPS corporate products

Support identification of use cases and requirements

Proactively anticipates cross-functional impact of requirements and takes steps to mitigate potential issues

Leads recommendations for technical options to address complex features, use cases, and requirements and clearly communicates them with the Core Project Team

Leads derivation of use cases and requirements as part of the customer engagement and core project teams

Proactively leads identification of cross-department and cross-product impact of requirements

Ensures business value and business impact is understood and communicated with the Core Project Team

Recommends process changes, additions, or solution approaches based on experience and value to the product

Insists on clarity and accuracy of requirements throughout the process

Collaborates on a daily basis with their Core Project Team to clarify requirements, provide feedback, answer questions, and work toward meeting the goals and established success criteria for project delivery

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