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US: Software Engineer

Date: _31-Jul-2013_
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Software Engineer

* Educated: you earned a BS in Computer Science or related engineering field or have the equivalent experience; you probably learned agile software development processes as part of your education * Experienced: you’re pro at developing data and database applications using Postgres, Oracle, MySQL or other relational databases; you probably come armed with knowledge of Mahout, Lucene and Solr and likely worked with large-scale system design and high-scale distributed systems * Up to Code: you have robust programming skills in Java, Groovy/Grails, Ruby, PHP, C++, Python or Scala * Data-driven: you have an in-depth knowledge of NoSQL technologies such as Hadoop, HBase and Cassandra; you’re an expert in data structures, algorithms and software design with an ability to create well-modularized, maintainable software

* A problem assassin: you conduct problem reconnaissance and termination with the skill and ruthlessness of Bond, but in an elegant, scalable manner; you easily identify and troubleshoot problems, quickly resolving issues * Player-focused: as a gamer yourself, you know the importance of listening to player needs, especially the implicit needs that can only be uncovered by analyzing and understanding player data

* Develop services and libraries to be used by development teams across the organization * Implement real-time data-driven features for League of Legends * Architect, create and implement services for understanding player metrics, including click stream tracking, error tracking and data capture for deep, multi-dimensional analysis

* Retrofit auditing and log collection mechanisms in current service code to enable high-performance log aggregation and auditing * Load and stress test solutions to ensure capacity and scalability

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