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US-: Front End Web Designer/Developer

Date: _02-Aug-2013_
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Front End Web Designer/Developer

As Front End Web Designer/Developer (Oceania), you’ll build a unique web experience for the Oceanic League of Legends community. You’ll work creative magic to design a website that delivers player-worthy content, and then cast the development spells to craft the final grimoire. You’ll dig into your multifaceted coding toolset to overcome the challenges of designing and developing a constantly growing, community-focused and aesthetically pleasing website that exceeds local player expectations.

* Experienced but inquisitive: you’ve stuffed two or more years of original concepts, designs and branding standards into your portfolio; you could teach a class in the latest web tech but you know your education is ongoing * Up to code: you’re an expert with PHP, CSS, HTML and Javascript (can you write Tetris in JS without jQuery?), and are familiar with the core concepts of object oriented programming * Not monochromatic: you design and code for all major browsers, including Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari and even Opera, so the experience is the same no matter the perspective * A demiurge of design: you’re adept with Photoshop; you’ll ensure assets fit the design and that the final product is as easy to use as it is to look at * CMS-savvy: you’re comfortable codesmithing with a variety of CMS tools, especially Drupal and vBulletin

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