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US-CA-Sunnyvale: Senior Application Developer

Date: _12-Aug-2013_
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Senior Application Developer

* Design and develop web-based applications to deliver elegant and memorable user experiences. * Develop and maintain software systems leveraging Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and/or other AJAX libraries along with J2EE application servers. * Develop and maintain software interfaces between existing and new systems. * Partner with other team members to ensure completion of end-to-end product functionality. * Collaborate with the development team to bring consistency to user interface design and implementation. * Work closely with the Product Management team to prioritize requirements and implementation schedules. * Partner with QA engineers to troubleshoot issues and assist in test automation.

* Skilled with Java-based web application frameworks (e.g. Struts, JSP, servlets) and/or multiple presentation layer technologies such as Google Web Toolkit (GWT). * Experienced with internet communication protocols such as HTTP and/or AJAX. * Self-starter, motivated, and articulate about technical challenges, possible solutions, and preferred choices. * Experienced builder of multi-layered web applications.


Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Sciences, or related field. Advanced degree preferred.

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