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US: Sr. Software Engineer - Client Applications

Date: _16-Aug-2013_
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Sr. Software Engineer - Client Applications

* Responsible for software design, implementation and maintenance of the multimedia/networking products on Mobile (iPhone / iPad) iOS platform * Responsible for design, implementation and maintenance of middleware / control framework and application layer for multimedia products * Coordinate / Communicate with PM, third-party vendors, customers for project/product related requirements and issues * Prepare and maintain project technical documentation following company guidelines * Institute process methodologies to enable efficient design/development and ensure introduction of "first time right" products

* B.E and/or MS/M.Tech in Electronics or Computer Science or Masters in Computer Applications (MCA) * Minimum 5-7 yrs of experience in design and development of iOS software

* Strong knowledge of Cocoa (Objective-C) programming, C++, and object oriented design * Solid knowledge of the iOS platform, system architecture and different programming environments * Strong problem solving and debugging skills (experience debugging with Apple's Xcode, gdb, and other OS X debugging tools) * Experience with graphics programming, especially CoreGraphics and/or the Cocoa graphics classes and/or Quartz * Must have a demonstrated track record of successfully leading mid-to-large scale software projects. * Strong multimedia background with the focus on streaming video and audio or networking is a plus

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