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US: The Software Consultant

Date: _21-Aug-2013_
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The Software Consultant

1.???? Analyzes customers' business requirements and objectives; develops a project design to meet customers' business needs.? Guides customers through project management methodology.?

2.???? Estimates time frames, quality and quantity of resources required to successfully implement project; develops project plan incorporating all project variables.

3.???? Coordinates assignment of appropriate company resources to complete project tasks according to plan. Responsible for monitoring project plans, schedules and reports and manages all documentation pertaining to assigned projects.

4.???? Conducts periodic status checks with customers and team to assess progress against plan. Performs re-forecasts of project variables as necessary throughout project.

5.???? Insures provision of ?account management? services to customers including scheduling of initial classes and ongoing remote and on-site training, tracking of progress, and involvement in issue resolution as needed.?

6.???? Provides consulting services related to use of software applications such as business process review, planning sessions, setup, testing, readiness assessment, data import/conversion, custom report needs, and documentation.

7.???? Provides some software application training services.

8.???? Performs miscellaneous other duties as assigned.


* Ability to quickly develop and maintain a high level of knowledge of divisional software products and remain expert on current product knowledge both from an internal and from a user perspective.

* Effectively applies broad, in-depth, and up-to-date knowledge of pertinent project management, technical, business, and professional issues.

* Consistently and effectively leads diverse projects and project teams.? Consistently leads project teams in a supportive role providing guidance, direction, and feedback.?

* Willingness and ability to quickly master training and presentation skills.

* Strong initiative, customer-service orientation and commitment to insuring timely, quality solutions to customer issues.

* Must be able to consistently perform assigned work within established deadlines.

* Solid working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project is required.

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