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US-MA-Boston: Software Engineer

Date: _04-Sep-2013_
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Software Engineer

We're looking for sharp, logical thinkers who aren't married to a particular language and can easily adapt to our mix of PHP, Python, ASP, Hadoop/Mapreduce/Java, and even a little C++ underneath it all. We have a massive amount of data under all of this so good SQL skills (of any kind) would be ideal as well.

Projects include working on our main e-commerce site to deliver a more engaging ecomm experience for our customers. As you’ll see from the new site design.

* Exceptional problem solving skills, experience developing creative solutions to complex problems * Large systems design and development experience with an OO language. We run a modified LAMP stack, but employ Engineers with a huge variety of technical backgrounds * Database design, development and performance optimization experience * Sense of humor and excellent communication skills * Desire to mentor, teach and lead teams * BA/BS degree from a 4-year college or university.

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