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US-OR-Portland: Software Engineer

Date: _05-Sep-2013_
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Software Engineer

* Design, implement, debug, and test new middle layer of code. * Manage package repositories to maintain the build tools and environment. * Work closely with the test engineering group. * Supervise maintenance of existing Engineering tools, TestLink, Mantis, etc. * Research and deploy software tools to support development. * Create and maintain unit test (gtest) for owned features and in the managed code base. * Build software systems and modules for embedded software development. * Responsible for accurate schedule estimation of features/work items. * Responsible for creating written documentation for his/her own software development. * Develop feature enhancements and provide development support for existing product lines. * Works in both an independent and team member environment to meet multiple product release cycles.

* Development experience in C, C++ on Remote Procedures Calls (RPC). * Development skills in C++ using object-oriented design and coding techniques. * Experience with Makefiles creation with dependency checking. * Experience with Source Control systems (Subversion preferred). * Strong understanding of Linux. * Experience in script (bash, Python, etc.) creation for automation of routine tasks. * Prefer Layer 1-4 switching experience. * Prefer experience with Gigabit, 10G, or 40G Ethernet. * Prefer experience with Linux GNU tool chain ( gcc, gdb, etc.).

* BS degree (BSCS strongly preferred, MSCS a plus) or the equivalent in training and experience. * 5+ years experience using formal software development processes. Strong software development skills using object-oriented design and coding techniques

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