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US: Principal Systems Software Engineer

Date: _10-Sep-2013_
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Principal Systems Software Engineer

* Provide expertise on engineering systems; architect, plan, advise, analyze, design, test, and manage highly complex engineering software systems.

* Responsible for design and development of systems that, while focusing on software, will span the engineering disciplines of mechanical, electromechanical, electrical, and application software.

* Research and recommend design options and perform experiments to determine potential design feasibility or application.

* Provide broad technical leadership in area of expertise helping company set technical direction and course for future programs.

* Serve as technical leader for major development projects including development of devices in new technology or multiple simultaneous sub-projects. Responsible for ensuring that design activities are coordinated per the development procedure. Establish and maintain project schedules.

* Strong mentor to other engineers and technicians.

* Exercises wide latitude in determining objectives and approaches to critical assignments.

* Possess a highly polished degree of personal communication skills, both written and verbal.

* Bachelorís Degree in Engineering, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Engineering Technology or equivalent technical Degree; or equivalent combination of education and experience. * 15+ years related engineering experience * Demonstrated technical experience in developing complex software and/or hardware systems from an end user perspective. * Strong computer based analytical skills (using tools such as Matlab, Mathcad, R, NumPy) * Software: Experience with assembly-level and C code development, real time signal processing, and I/O control. * Self-starter; highly-organized; detail-oriented; highly-motivated; team player; analytical; strong interpersonal & verbal/written communication; * Customer-Focused; Results-Driven; Initiative; "Can-Do" Attitude.


* Advanced Degree (Masters or PhD) in Engineering, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Engineering Technology * Experience in system modeling, system simulation, and/or design of experiments. * Strong background in development of system solutions for medical devices. * Background in sensing, especially near infrared optics. * Strong background in development of microprocessor controlled hardware. * Software development experience in an embedded environment for medical devices.

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