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US: Principal Software Architect

Date: _25-Sep-2013_
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Principal Software Architect

* Architect solutions such that large enterprise customers will trust us with their data, so you will understand how to build systems that stay online 24/7 and don't lose data ever.

* Work closely with the infrastructure and operational teams to design a solution that considers all aspects of running a business with gazillions of servers worldwide you'll get metrics like $/Watt and IOPS/U. You'll also understand how to seamlessly monitor and manage all of these servers without hiring thousands of people.

* Excellent communication skills in all directions. You'll transition smoothly from presenting to investors to digging into the nitty gritty technical details with software engineers and customers.

* B.S. or equivalent in Computer Science, preferably with an advanced degree in a relevant field.

* 10+ years experience in large scale database architecture and implementation. Must have experience in both SQL and NOSQL. Bonus points if you have led a migration from SQL to NOSQL.

* 10+ years experience in Linux building enterprise-class software.

* 5+ years experience in Storage solid understanding of file system fundamentals and how to build high-availability storage systems.

* Experience working with distributed teams.

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