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US-ME-Portland: Software Developer

Date: _07-Oct-2013_
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Software Developer - Apps and Runtime

Define user requirements; design and develop applications and APIs for devices Bring excellent software to the device environment for use in field mapping, data collection, sensor networks, street navigation, and more Ensure that ArcGIS software meets real-world usage scenarios Solve and articulate complex problems with application design, development, and user experiences Build software components that follow industry-standard design patterns, development methodologies, and deployment models Collaborate with other programmers and developers throughout the development process

Bachelorís or masterís in computer science, engineering, mathematics, GIS, or related field, depending on position level Ability to work closely with software developers, product engineers, and documentation writers to build quality software in a constantly evolving environment Effective time management and organizational skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills Two or more years of experience in one of more of the following: C++ programming including OpenGL or DirectX development, mobile platform application development (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), C++ Qt, Microsoft .NET C# development with WPF

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