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US-VA-Portsmouth: IT Systems Security Analyst

Date: _23-Oct-2013_
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IT Systems Security Analyst

Have experience with the Interagency Operations Center Watchkeeper (IOC/WK) system. Apply cross-disciplinary IT security knowledge to maintain the integrity of the IOC/WK system for all baselines. Continuously review and analyze existing system security documentation, policies, procedures, risk assessments, technical vulnerability assessments, and other available documentation to ensure the proper development of SAP. Possess knowledge and experience to plan, coordinate, and manage information system security programs. Develop and apply access controls and other security measures throughout the System Development Life Cycle. Coordinate with project personnel to review and disseminate SAP documents. Examine all software and applications to ensure security features are in place to detect and prevent malicious code, viruses, and intruders on the IOC/WK system. Assist in the centralized management of the collection and reporting of information associated with all SAP artifacts entered into the current enterprise compliance and oversight tool, Trusted Agent (TA). Coordinate with Information System Security Officer (ISSO) and system baseline administrators to implement and apply system security measures in accordance with DHS standards and policies. Support the development and maintenance of all artifacts in order to gain and maintain the IOC/WK system Authority-To-Operate (ATO), and Authority-To-Connect (ATC). Develop and Support the following activities:

Baccalaureate Degree in Computer Science, Information Assurance or Information Systems or related field. Seven (7) years of experience managing IT system security environment

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