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US: Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Date: _12-Dec-2013_
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Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Specifies the requirements, designs, implements, integrates, tests and releases embedded level software used in medical imaging products.

Develops the functional, design, interface and test specifications and/or tools with minimal supervision.

Must possess knowledge of practical software solutions and be able to apply software design techniques to the development of embedded systems software.

In-depth experience in development of functional, design and interface aspects of a product at board, sub-system and system level.

Proficiency with C/C++ and Assembler level programming languages in an embedded environment.

Understanding of the interaction between hardware and software at component, sub-system and system levels.

Ability to read and understand circuit diagrams, to identify control signals and processor inputs.

Ability to comprehend existing code and perform analysis to produce state/timing charts from code constructs.

Must be able to manage his/her time to be able to handle multiple overlapping projects.

Must be comfortable working in both individual and team environments.

Bachelor degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Computer Systems with ten years plus experience in a related field .

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