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US-WA-Kirkland: Software Engineer

Date: _16-Dec-2013_
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Software Engineer

Develop and maintain high availability, high concurrency C# ASP.NET Maintain classic ASP web applications in VBScript. Assist in the architecture, design, and implementation of web-based applications and products. Work on improving robustness, redundancy, and performance of a variety of applications. Fix and troubleshoot bugs and add new features to our product lines. Participate in the design and development of new features and products. Coordinate work on multiple projects and integrate with different groups such as Creative, QA, and DB. Communicate status of projects/applications and give accurate data forecasts for projects and work items. Accurately estimate and adhere to the scope and schedule of assigned projects. Provide technical assistance to all team members while setting an example for junior and general developers. Take initiative in problem solving and demonstrate advanced problem awareness. Have a robust understanding of the entire system architecture and business requirements. Spectacular attention to detail, and great communication skills (both verbal and written) are a must. Must be self-motivated, a quick learner, and possess the ability to organize and manage multiple priorities. Be alert to emerging technologies or applications and the opportunities to integrate them into current projects. Assumes additional responsibility without being asked.

Excellent knowledge of common web development technologies C# / ASP.NET (Version 2.0 to 4.0). (5+ years recommended) Classic ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, XML, XSL, CSS (5+ years recommended) Classic and .NET debugging proficiency in Visual Studio Server Application Experience and IIS 7 proficiency Knowledge of performance optimization Experience writing high concurrency applications in .NET with thread safety in mind Experience developing multi-tier applications. (2+ years) 2+ years college or equivalent Ability to work on fast-paced, quickly changing projects Be able to work in a small group setting with minimal direction Sterling attention to detail and skill for ferreting out of potential unintended consequences of code changes

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