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US-DC-Washington: Software Engineer/Cloud Software Development

Date: _17-Dec-2013_
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Software Engineer/Cloud Software Development

- Materially contribute to all phases of technical software development especially, Big Data applications for Cloud environments - Apply Agile development methods for requirements analysis, design, implementation, and testing of innovative new analytics - Implement, test, and apply mathematical algorithms from research papers - Collaborate with science-based technical staff to identify and manage system and software requirements

- MS in Computer Science (or related field) or BS with 3+ years working full-time as a software developer - Significant experience collaborating with mathematicians, modelers, and algorithm developers - Experience as a developer of Big Data applications for Cloud environments, or equivalent strong background in SQL or NoSQL databases - Strong analytic, architectural, engineering, problem identification, and reporting skills - Excellent communications skills (verbal and written)

- Cloud computing environments, Hadoop, and Hadoop-related eco-system components - Social Network algorithms, Big Data representations, Pattern recognition, and/or Machine Learning algorithms - Leading the software development of complex algorithms or environments involving the Cloud implementation or Big Data scalability (e.g. Map/Reduce, Hive, Impala, BSP frameworks, etc.) - At least two of the following programming languages: Java, Python, C++, C#, Ruby - Object oriented development methods, software architectures, and Integrated Development Environments

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