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US-CO-Denver: Junior Web Application Engineer

Date: _26-Dec-2013_
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Junior Web Application Engineer

As a junior developer, you'll be paired up with a senior developer to implement code and features already 'scaffolded' by others

Browsers, http requests, and the basics of how web services are delivered and consumed

Guice (or Spring) Dependency Injection DWR, JAX-WS, AJAX ExtJS, JQuery, Dojo Toolkit Apache SOLR Terracotta or Hazelcast Object-Orientated Javascript Cloud-based software / multi-tenant applications Web security and secure coding practices SOAP or REST API development Hadoop / Map Reduce MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB Ehcache Quartz JMS, ApacheMQ, HornetQ, RabbitMQ, etc Amazon AWS services like S3 or DynamoDB

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