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US-GA-Columbus: System Software Analyst Lead

Date: _02-Jan-2014_
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System Software Analyst Lead

Responsible for the successful installation, maintenance, and monitoring of operating systems.

Solves complex problems through on-going, thorough research and analysis of designs and modification of procedures.

Prepares detailed project specifications and timelines for project management.

Conducts presentations of funds and design documents to technical, administrative, and all levels of management.

Instructs, directs, and checks the work of other Technical Support personnel.

Assumes responsibility for project completion in an accurate and timely manner, including tasks performed by team members.

Participates in career development process and demonstrates leadership in role as a team player.

Promotes adherence to department practices, standards, policies, procedures, and methodologies.

Applies technical knowledge and skills necessary to complete and document complex projects.

Understands the Technical Support area as it relates to assigned projects/tasks and how the area interacts with other functional areas.

Demonstrates the ability to accept additional responsibility.

Displays substantial initiative and a cooperative attitude.

Resolves, and leads others in resolving, on-call and daily issues.

Four year college degree and 6 or more years professional experience or 8 or more years professional experience is required.

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