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US: Software Productivity Engineer

Date: _10-Feb-2014_
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Software Productivity Engineer

The Software Productivity Engineer is a full-time position within our development group. In coordination with other engineering staff, you will be constantly creating new (small, isolated) programs and scripts to stress new features being developed. Tasks may include:

Authoring client simulators, designed to connect to our server component. Creating scripts (choose your language) to restore databases, deploy releases, etc. Recording automated tests for validation. Authoring web pages/sites to assist in software life cycle management. Automating static code analysis tools. Other things YOU think of that benefit the team.

C++ application development Web application development User interface design Author unit tests (in C++) for C++ code Application troubleshooting/debugging Documentation

Proficiency in C++ programming (a C++ competency test will be administered). Proficiency in a web language (PHP, Python, Ruby, ASP). Proficiency in Microsoft Visual Studio. Basic system administration skills (Windows, Linux and/or Mac OS X). 2+ years of programming experience. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

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