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US: Information Systems Network Engineer/Technologist

Date: _17-Feb-2014_
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Information Systems Network Engineer/Technologist

Looking for an individual who has a minimum of 3 years of experience in the field of information systems network design, configuration, commissioning and support. A university or college degree in engineering, computer science, information technology or similar is required. As the Information Systems Network Engineer/Technologist we are looking for a team member that can apply their design, installation, configuration and maintenance experience of network information systems. Responsibilities will include:

LAN and WAN design utilizing a variety of communication media including; copper, fibre optic, radio, cellular and satellite. Configuration of networking equipment including routers, hubs, switches and security appliances; Development and configurin g network security; IDS and IPS systems, and penetration testing.

Knowledge of web interface development and testing. Web servers and installation, configuration and deployment of server grade hardware. Database design, programming, installation, configuration and deployment.

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