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US-CA-SanDiego: Senior Software Engineer

Date: _07-Mar-2014_
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Senior Software Engineer

You will be buildingreliable, flexible, and scalable services and applications handling large data sets with varying levels of concurrency and transaction rates.You will be expected to understand business needs and develop software solutions in accordance with the requirements and technical guidelines, using rigorous logic to decompose difficult problems to develop effective solutions. Additionally, you will drive software design sessions and code reviews while improving overall development processes.

* BS degree in computer science, information engineeringor equivalent. * 5+ years professional programming experience in Java6 or 7 is required. * Professional experience with Apacheweb server, Tomcat/Glassfish or other comparable application frameworks is required. * Professional experience with relationaldatabase(Oracle, PosgreSQL or MySQL) and NoSQL alternatives (Cassandra) is required. * Programming experience with Eclipse andSpringframeworkis required. * Experienceworking withusingJPA 2.0 and Spring Data, as well as knowledge of SQL (DDL, DML) is required. * Experience withthe design and implementation of REST services is required. * Professional experience working withmajortesting frameworks, and ability to write effective unit and integration tests is required. * Professional experience working with fully automated functional test frameworks (Cucumber, Geb, Spock, etc.) is required. * Professional involvement in distributed system performance testing, analysis and tuning is required. * Experience working on UNIX or Linux environments is required. * Professional experience working with module configuration management, build, and deployment (SVN or git,Maven,Jenkins) is required. * Verbal (oral and written) communication and analysis skill; experience writing a technical specification.

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