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US: Software Engineer

Date: _17-Mar-2014_
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Software Engineer

A Software Engineer will work closely with other software engineers, quality assurance staff, and project leaders to develop high quality applications using leading edge technology. You will be directly responsible for the design and implementation of one or more subsystems within the application.

Other responsibilities include contributing to and leading cross-functional initiative teams, mentoring team members, and arbitrating technical debates. You must be able to understand customer needs, solve business problems, and conduct various levels of technical design, implementation and testing. You will be involved in delivering functionality to meet user requirements.

Job Qualifications

Good understanding of Object-oriented design and development Hands-on experience of Java servlets/JSP, HTML, JavaScript Capability of writing complicated SQL, strong understanding of database performance BS degree in Computer Science Willing to work on various technical tasks other than programming including but not limited to network admin, production release, and data synchronization Willing to work under tight deadlines Self-motivated and team-oriented

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