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US: Embedded Software Engineer

Date: _16-Jun-2014_
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Embedded Software Engineer

Job Description:

Design and implement software of embedded devices and systems from requirements to production and commercial deployment Analyze and enhance efficiency, stability and scalability of system resources Review code and design Development and implementation of signal processing algorithms. Work closely within a the hardware development team to troubleshoot development & production environments, performance tune, and optimize embedded systems.

Required Experience

5 years or more of solid experience with C++ and C. Good understanding of microprocessor hardware architectures (preferably ARM). Experience with in-circuit emulators in embedded systems. Comfortable working in a Linux operating system environment. Experience writing and debugging Linux kernel modules preferred. Experience with Digital Signal Processing methods. Ability to work under time constraints with verbal & written instructions of varying levels of detail and changing requirements. Strong written and verbal skills. Minimum BSCE, BSEE or equivalent. BSCS with a strong hardware background will also be considered. Willingness to work across multiple disciplines (digital and analog).

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