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US-VA-Reston: Software Engineer - UI / Front End

Date: _28-Jul-2014_
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Software Engineer - UI / Front End

Provide complex problems to solve Provide a work environment that encourages creative thinking and limits red tape Provide excuses for you to learn new technologies and languages Provide an opportunity to make a real difference in the world, security style

Make software that makes our team smarter, faster, and better at what we do – every day Make data beautiful and easy to navigate so we can solve real-world problems, FAST Develop fully functional web applications that align with business objectives

Expertise in creating rich interfaces using HTML, JavaScript and CSS Experience with backend technologies such as Node.js, Python or Ruby Exposure to JavaScript libraries and frameworks Ability to implement MVC architectures using frameworks such as Backbone.js and Ember.js Experience with client + server-side templates using Underscore, Mustache/handlebars Working knowledge of calling and consuming RESTful web services Understanding and execution of responsive design and development principles Exposure to unit testing libraries such as QUnit, Jasmine, SinonJS, Mocha, etc. Your [secret] love of Edward Tufte (totally optional, you don’t have to admit it) Communication skills … verbal & written Your Computer Science or related degree – or a very convincing argument

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