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US: Principal Software Development Engineer

Date: _11-May-2015_
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Principal Software Development Engineer

Job Responsibilities Develop system libraries, modules, and applications for the Advanced Threat Protection product suite Understand industry standards such as STIX and TAXII and incorporate them in products Build and design software following standard design patterns Communicate progress and escalate issues to management in a timely manner Add features and provide support for existing code

Requirements: Strong C, C++, Python, and XML skills Understanding of STIX and TAXII Experience with multi-processor environments, concurrent processes, threads, system resource allocation and inter-process communications Experience with Linux development environment including gcc and gdb Knowledge and use of performance tuning, profiling and software metrics tools Experience with software testing, quality assurance and working closely with QA Very strong diagnostic and troubleshooting skills Outstanding verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills Proven ability to utilize creative thinking to solve complex engineering problems Ability to manage multiple priorities in a dynamic work environment Experience with network protocols including IPv4, IPv6, TCP and UDP Experience with scripting languages Knowledge of Eclipse, NetBeans or other Linux IDE's Knowledge of Linux package management and creation with RPM BS Degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience

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