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US: Machine Software Applications Engineer

Date: _06-Jul-2015_
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Machine Software Applications Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

Handle remote control machine software development and software library development. Integrate software features taken from models and libraries to create software flash files. Integrate configuration and calibration data. Conduct test plan development and software validation. Identify and resolve software defects. Perform software reviews. Mentor junior engineers and part-time student interns.

Required Skills

Strong communication skills, good organizational and time management skills. Ability to identify needed actions and act to resolve issues with minimal oversight. Ability to communicate technical information effectively with a culturally diverse work group. Strong analytical skills. Initiative and self-starting skills.


Basic knowledge of electronic system failure modes. Fundamental understanding of machine operation.

Required Experience

Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in an accredited engineering (or equivalent) curriculum (electrical or computer engineering or computer science preferred). 5-8 years' experience with bachelor's degree or 3-4 years' experience with master's degree. Two or more years' C/C++ experience (must have actively written software in C/C++ within the last five years). Experience with software development tools such as ClearCase, Git, debuggers, and compilers.


Master's degree (or equivalent) in an accredited engineering (or equivalent) curriculum. Experience with modeling tools such as Matlab/Simulink. Experience with FMEA processes.

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