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US: Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Date: _14-Dec-2015_
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Senior Embedded Software Engineer


Knowledge of practical software solutions and be able to apply software design techniques to the development of embedded systems software. In-depth experience in development of functional, design and interface aspects of a product at board, sub-system and system level. Proficiency with C/C++ and Assembler level programming languages in an embedded environment. Understanding of the interaction between hardware and software at component, sub-system and system levels. Ability to read and understand circuit diagrams, to identify control signals and processor inputs. Significant experience in the development of software under an RTOS environment. Ability to comprehend existing code and perform analysis to produce state/timing charts from code constructs. Ability to manage time to be able to handle multiple overlapping projects. Ability to work comfortably in both individual and team environments.


Bachelor degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Computer Systems with at least ten years’ experience in a related field, including at least 4 years in an Embedded Software role. Masters Degree desired

Specialized Knowledge

The following specialized skills are highly valued:

Experience with PWM motor drivers and PID controllers and the related issues. Knowledge of Freescale processors and controllers. Knowledge of ARM processors and controllers. “Failsafe” software design experience. Project management tools/techniques. Knowledge of different micro-controller architectures. State machines/finite automata/logic reduction techniques. Knowledge of communications protocols (e.g., CANBus, I2C, RS-232/485). Experience with a variety of development tool chains. Device Driver experience under Windows or UNIX/Linux. Experience with embedded real-time graphics displays.

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