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US-CA-SanFrancisco: Senior Software Engineer - Qt/QML

Date: _14-Mar-2016_
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Senior Software Engineer - Qt/QML

This role will appeal to an individual who is driven by an innovative spirit, sees solutions where others see challenges, wants to make a difference and craves an entrepreneurial environment.

In the position:

Work with industry leaders to develop their products to showcase on a wide range of technologies including - Qt, QML, HTML5, iOS and Android. Work with product owners and designers providing technical vision to enable rapid software innovation. You'll be working both on-site and off-site in tightly coupled high-performance teams consisting of both company and Client staff. You'll work alongside the best Qt engineers in the world who enjoy helping each other be successful; we promise you'll learn a lot, and be appreciated for what you share.

You'll need 2+ years of Qt programming and 1+ years of QML programming, but if you've got top-notch C++ skills that can substitute somewhat for Qt/QML background. You’ll also need to bring all of the team qualities everyone wants such as solid communication skills, etc….(soft skills – team)

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