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US-CA-MountainView: Software Engineer Analytics

Date: _19-Apr-2017_
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Software Engineer Analytics, , CA

Duties / Responsibilities:

Design new features and APIs for our analytic services Contribute to all phases of design, development, deployment, and maintenance of large scale distributed streaming systems Identify and troubleshoot bottlenecks within runtime environments of analytics ecosystems Perform code reviews, lead junior engineers, and engage support engineers as needed Safeguarding Axway and Appcelerator customer data through compliance with Axway/Appcelerator policies and the appropriate use of Axway/Appcelerator equipment and facilities

Skills / Qualifications:

Demonstrable capabilities with JavaScript and nodejs including ES6 syntax and concepts, common frameworks such as Express or Restify, and package management with npm Proficiency in J2EE and related frameworks such as Spring, JAX-RS, Jersey and Maven Experience designing and implementing RESTful APIs for distributed systems Experience working with technologies like: Message queues and stream processing platforms like RabbitMQ or Kafka Large-scale search engines like Lucene or Elasticsearch NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Riak, or Cassandra Key/value stores like Redis, etcd, or Memcached Familiarity with Amazon EMR, EC2, S3, and other AWS services Familiarity with CI/CD tools such as Travis and Jenkins Experience working with Elixir or other FP languages a plus Proficiency with Git and Github or other DVCSes Able to collaborate as part of a team using Agile Methodologies such as Scrum Desire and ability to learn new technologies, work with tough deadlines, and tackle challenging problems Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills


B.S. Computer Science or related field

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