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nd interview tips: What to Expect during a Second Interview

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2nd interview tips: What to Expect during a Second Interview

Since the second interview is usually held by the department head, the questions and queries will be quite different from the other interview. The 2nd interview can also be considered to be the integral part of the interview that is related to your professional expertise, your qualifications, etc. Here are the main two questions that are asked during the 2nd interview:

Your professional past
During the interview, the interviewer will also ask you to give more details about your professional past as well as your ambition regarding your future. The interview will also touch on the reasons for some of the decisions in your past professional or even academic life. This is a bid to know more about you on a professional level and also gauge the type of work and work environment which you will be comfortable with.

Your work experience, attitude and future plans
If you have been unemployed for any amount of time, the 2nd interview will surely have you talk on that subject. These questions are generally meant to get an idea about your work experience, your work attitude and your future planning, about whether you see yourself working some ten years from now, or whether you look yourself to be working as a consultant or even start your own organization. 2nd interview: Questions to Expect in a Second Interview

Some of the questions that can be asked by the individual in the 2nd interview are:
1. Tell us more about your professional past.
2. What was your first job?
3. How many jobs have you had until now, and what was the frequency of your changing jobs?
4. Was there any particular reason for you leaving this particular job?
5. Have you ever had any differences with your senior or your peers? How did you manage to solve the differences? Whose point of view was finally accepted as the correct one?
6. What do you consider to be your best job to date?
7. What kind of job were you not comfortable doing?

Once these questions are cleared out, you will be called for the third interview, which is more or less the bargaining and documentation interview, in which the company informs you of their intent to hire you and discuss the financials with you.

These are just some of the questions that will be asked of you, in a bid to know about your professional past.

Also, remember that the feedback of this interview will be shared by the Human Resources Department directly, and therefore will play a major role in the figure that the company decides to put across to you as your salary.

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