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Sales Interview Questions in Technical Lead Round

Technical Lead Round Interview Questions and Answers

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Sales Interview Questions in Technical Lead Round

* Can you please explain to me your long term goals as a profession?
* Rate your organizational skills from one to 10.
* How do you stay organized?
* How do you work with others?
* In the past, how have you made your living? How you pay your bills?
* What is it about sales that interests you?
* Is there anything about sales that you truly dislike? If so why?
* What kind of sales the you prefer? Do you like long-term sales? Or do you like lots of small sales over a short period of time?
* What do you think makes a great salesperson? What qualities?
* How do you overcome rejection? Are there certain methods that you take to overcome a slump?
* Describe a situation where you had to deviate from your methods in order to make the sale.
* Describe a situation we you made a mistake, and how you dealt with it. How did you communicate with a sales prospect?
* Which part of sales the you believe is the most important part? The cold call? Negotiating? The final closing stage? Which party you believe you’re best at?

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