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Technical Lead Round Interview Questions and Answers

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* The questions in the first part were quite general: why did you choose those A Levels, why this degree, what part of the degree did you enjoy most, content of some of my courses.
* Why did you choose to study your subject?
* What parts of your course have you found most interesting and why?
* They asked about the content of some of my courses, so it might be an idea to look at the syllabus before your interview.
* Explain what you covered in this part of your course.
* What was the content of your mathematics course?
* What benefits do you expect to obtain from your placement? (if a placement interview)
* How good are your practical laboratory skills?
* What practical techniques have you carried out in University Labs?
* Questions about my lab skills
* What laboratory experience have you gained on your course?
* What techniques are you familiar with?
* What experience do you have of analytical techniques?
* How would you go about solving a problem?
* Can you mend your bike?
* Can you write reports?
* Can you work in a team?/with little supervision? Give an example.
* How do you deal with people?
* Can you work independently?
* Can you work closely with others?
* Have you got any computing skills?
* Give an example of where you have had to communicate effectively?
* How would I deal with customer interaction
* What jobs have you done and what skills have you learned from them.
* What skills and attributes did I have that made you suitable for the job?
* What do you have to offer the trust?
* Do you mind doing non-scientific tasks as well?
* What do you know about our company?
* About their products
* Which other companies have you applied to?
* What do you hope to gain from the job.
* No personal questions were asked

About your projects

* Be prepared for questions on your project: know it inside out.
* Revise thoroughly your project and relevant topics covered in your degree.
* I was asked in great detail about my project as this was directly relevant to the job.
* I was asked about my final year project. This was to relax me and get me talking.
* Make sure you have revised your project because most of the questions will come from that!
* I was asked to talk briefly about my project. I gave a full outline: basically a condensed version of my project.
* How did you choose your project? What did you get out of it? What did you enjoy about it? How did you do it? Justify the results.
* How did you prepare your project? What did you learn from it? What would you do differently next time?
* Final year research project: what did you do? How did you go about it? How did you organise yourself?
* I was asked about my project in great detail and felt that I had to fully justify why I chose it, how I did it and the results.

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