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Investment Banking Interview Questions - Technical Round

Technical Lead Round Interview Questions and Answers

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Investment Banking Interview Questions - Technical Round

Here comes the hardcore technical round! Your knowledge, experience and expertize would be put to tough interview questions and you have to answer all of those! Technical round involves, questions pertaining to the work and terms used in the finance and investment world. Hence, go through all your fat books on investments and pick out the most important and commonly asked investment banking interview technical questions.

* In what way would you calculate an organization's WACC?
* What are the most common anti-takeover techniques?
* Specify the main line items of a cash flow statement.
* Distinguish between income statement and balance sheet.
* What do you mean by deferred taxes?
* Why do you think, two organizations collaborate with each other?
* How you determine the firm value?
* What are main factors affecting the corporate bond yield?
* Distinguish between pooling accounting and purchase. Which one would you prefer amongst both of them?
* What is the meaning of working capital and how is it determined?
* Tell us in brief about the job description of an investment banking analyst?
* Which is your biggest concern in investment banking?
* If you know the net income of a firm, then how would you determine its cash flows?
* In what way would you value an organization?
* Tell us something about convexity and duration?
* How do you determine the delta of an option?
* Tell us about the difference between, prepayment risk and default?
* Give us a short description of the underwriting process? Read more on banking jobs.

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