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Google Interview Questions: Product Marketing Manager

Technical Lead Round Interview Questions and Answers

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Google Interview Questions: Product Marketing Manager

* Why do you want to join Google?
* What do you know about Google’s product and technology?
* If you are Product Manager for Google’s Adwords, how do you plan to market this?
* What would you say during an AdWords or AdSense product seminar?
* Who are Google’s competitors, and how does Google compete with them?
* Have you ever used Google’s products? Gmail?
* What’s a creative way of marketing Google’s brand name and product?
* If you are the product marketing manager for Google’s Gmail product, how do you plan to market it so as to achieve 100 million customers in 6 months?
* How much money you think Google makes daily from Gmail ads?
* Name a piece of technology you’ve read about recently. Now tell me your own creative execution for an ad for that product.
* Say an advertiser makes $0.10 every time someone clicks on their ad. Only 20% of people who visit the site click on their ad. How many people need to visit the site for the advertiser to make $20?
* Estimate the number of students who are college seniors, attend four-year schools, and graduate with a job in the United States every year.

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