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Bio-Pharma Interview in Technical Lead Round: How is the hiring manager evaluating personality?

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Bio-Pharma Interview in Technical Lead Round: How is the hiring manager evaluating personality?

Fifty percent of any job interview process is focused on a candidate's personality fit into the group. Although this will be more of a focus in a face-to-face interview, the interviewer will certainly be trying to get a feeling about personality over the phone.
Coming across likable over the phone can be difficult. In order to do this you must:
1- Match the style of the interviewer 2- Exhibit enthusiasm for the position and the company
Matching Style
The cue to the hiring manager's style will be in the way the person starts the conversation. If the interviewer gets right to business very quickly on the phone, you are dealing with someone who is matter of fact and possibly very busy. Do not try and lighten the call, just simply respond with the same serious approach to your answers. If on the other hand the interviewer sounds very upbeat and starts the call by discussing personal matters, return the favor and try and open up a bit. If you feel high energy in the voice of the interviewer, you will want to be upbeat as well.
Show Enthusiasm
First, make sure you tell the interviewer that you are interested and excited about the position. Many candidates forget to actually say this during a phone interview.
Additionally, prior to the phone interview, at a minimum, go to the company Web site and look at the product portfolio. Familiarize yourself with not only the job description, but also how that position might fit in to the company’s overall drug development pipeline. After viewing the product pipeline, scan the company's recent news section as well and work that information into the call. This will show you have done your homework.

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