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SOAP Toolkit FAQ - What do I have to do to get SSL to work?

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SOAP Toolkit FAQ - What do I have to do to get SSL to work?

Assuming your server is set up to require SSL, you should only have to change the URL in the WSDL file (or the Soap Connector URL if you are using the low-level interface) to start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. It's not necessary to set the UseSSL property on the client. When this doesn't work, the most common causes are that the Server certificate has expired or the server requires a client certificate. Note that we commonly hear "it works OK with an HTTP URL but fails with an HTTPS URL." If the virtual root is set up to require SSL, it won't work with HTTP so this statement means your server is not set up to require SSL.

Some other common problems:
* Please make sure the certificate is valid and has trusted root—open this certificate (dblclick on it) and check if there are warnings on it.
* Please make sure your server has ssl configured correctly—serverside certificate is valid, has trusted root and its root is installed in LOCAL_MACHINE store.
* You can't use localhost as the hostname—the hostname in the URL should match hostname in the server-side certificate.
* To look your certificates if you don't have mmc tool on your machines, you can use IE—go to Tools/Options/Content/Certificates/.
* If you have your server vdir set up to require client certificates —you can check which available client certificates you can use by accessing vdir through Microsoft Internet Explorer. IE will display a list of client certificates that have roots trusted on the server. If you have IE 5.5, disable the "Miscellaneous\Don't prompt for client certificates selection when no certificates or only one certificate exists" flag in Security settings

A good explanation of these and other problems can be found in the MSDN article, Building Secure Web Services with Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0.

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