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What is Incremental Low Pause Collector?

Java Interview Questions and Answers (part 3)

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431. What is Incremental Low Pause Collector?

The incremental low pause collector is a generational collector similar to the default collector. The minor collections are done with the same young generation collector as the default collector. Do not use either -XX:+UseParallelGC or -XX:+UseParNewGC with this collector. The major collections are done incrementally on the tenured generation. This collector (also known as the train collector) collects portions of the tenured generation at each minor collection. The goal of the incremental collector is to avoid very long major collection pauses by doing portions of the major collection work at each minor collection. The incremental collector will sometimes find that a non-incremental major collection (as is done in the default collector) is required in order to avoid running out of memory.

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