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IT Interview Questions: How does SSL work?

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IT Interview Questions: How does SSL work?

SSL stands for ? Secure Sockets layer ? Socute is a technical term that referes to an application programming interface or API which that refers to an application prograaming interface or API which is used to communicate b/w to computer Layer refers to the level or layer of this communication b/w the computer.

Though it is good to answer the "How does SSL work?" question (see the steps on the following pages) the typical merchant really needs to only be concerned with how to get a secure certificate and making sure that he/she is using a valid and current ssl certificate (step 2.03) and what URL to use when creating secure links. SSL certificates are purchased from various certificate vendors and it requires a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) to be generated on the web server. This usually involves getting in touch with the hosting company and asking them to generate the CSR for you. After your receive the CSR (which looks like an encrypted block of undecipherable text) you can order your certificate from the SSL certificate provider. Once you receive the SSL certifcate back from the certificate authority, you will normally need the hosting company to install it for you.

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