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Investment Banking Interview Questions - HR/Personal Round

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Investment Banking Interview Questions - HR/Personal Round

Most people tend to have a casual attitude towards personal round, however, this is not the case with your prospective employers! Your approach towards your career and your life in general, are of prime importance to your employer. So be sure, you prepare on all the below mentioned questions before going to the interview.
* Acquaint us with yourself and your family?
* Describe some of your merits and demerits?
* Which is your biggest achievement in life?
* How do you deal with criticism, at work and in personal life?
* How do you cope up with or overcome failures?
* Do you think, there's a leader in you?
* How much do you believe in teamwork?
* What has been the biggest failure of your life, till today?
* Where do you see yourself 5 - 10 years ahead in your career?
* Why did you choose investment banking as a career option?
* What is the definition of success in your terms?
* Except investment banking, what are the other career opportunities you are exploring in the market and why?

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