Validating XHTML5 Documents Online


How To Validate XHTML5 Documents Online?



If you have just finished a new XHTML5 document, and you want to make sure that confirms with the XHTML5 specification, you can use the XHTML online validator at

First, you need to change "Parser" field to "XML; load external entities" or "XML; don't load external entities".

Then, you can change the XHTML document input method and perform the validation:

  • Address - Specify the URL where your XHTML document is located, and click "Validate".
  • File Upload - Use the "Browse" to locate an XHTML document on your local hard disk, and click "Validate".
  • Text Field - Copy & paste the content of an XHTML document to the input area, and click "Validate".

The validator will return a page with validation result.

HTML and XHTML validator:
HTML and XHTML validator:

Note that this validator also support HTML5 and other HTML versions.


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